Hire me and I’ll draw you
nice things


Hello! My name is Christian and I’m an Animator, Comic Artist and Illustrator based in Barcelona.

After high school I sold hot dogs for a bit while studying graphic design, motion graphics, and coding. I then worked at some advertising agencies and interactive design studios here and there, but my true passions have always been comic books and cartoons.
I love to draw and make things move! After all, since I was a kid I’ve been drawing comics, making flip-books, and filming stop-motion movies, so I’m on a never-ending quest to do what I love!

What else can I say about myself?
Well, I’m also a nice guy (or so people say) and strive to be open-minded. I’m always willing to learn new stuff and improve, both as a person and as an artist.

I’m also a gamer. Not the 24/7 hardcore type, but I always play on the highest difficulty. I’m into tabletop games, too. If they have some kind of RPG-ish component or figurines then I’m sold!

I have a huge collection of comic books and graphic novels, as well as prints of my favorite artists. I’m always eager to help Kickstarter projects, so the piles of amazing things I own only keep growing!

More random fun facts: I’m from a sunny coastal town, although I prefer the mountains and the cold. I like tattoos, but I have none. I used to skate, but now I ride on a 1970s bike. Oh! And I drink almond milk.

Nice to meet you!

*Disclaimer: I’m really bad at self-promotion in the abyss of internet or social networks, so don’t mind me if I don’t upload anything in a while… Anyway…

I’m eager to work with you and make cool stuff together 💪

so if you’d like to tell me about your project or just say hello, feel free to contact me!
Don’t hesitate to take a look at my resume too, if you like to know more about my career.